Timing is important when you need to pay close attention to make sure that you have enough to cover your expenses throughout the month. Using this tool will help you keep track of when money is coming in and out of your budget. Follow these steps to use the Cash-Flow Calendar Worksheet:

The Cash-Flow Calendar Worksheet is pictured below as an example, and available in full as a downloadable PDF HERE. Follow the following steps to complete the worksheet:

  1. Fill in the beginning balances (cash and financial benefits) for the week.
  2. Enter sources and uses of cash and other financial benefits for the week.
  3. Complete the End of Week formula, adding the beginning cash balance and total cash sources, then subtracting total cash uses. This will give you the ending cash balance for the week. Follow the same steps to find the ending benefit balance.
  4. Take your ending balances and input them as the next week’s starting balances

Budget Cash Flow Calendar